reflection (to all my brothers and sisters that need advice)


United States
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my mind spinning and throbbing
searching for answers to help you get through
sitting in the office all day
lights hurt or maybe it'd just me with my sight
because everything is like damn, 3 o'clock in the afternoon
and as the light begins to disappear, stretching and yawning
acting like a zombie consumed by darkness
fear of collapse
start to look for my pulse in my mind in order to search
for my soul
and finding out where my heart is at
young people, think about it, just for a second
you stay up after the day is over wandering
what you've done before
now, where's the lesson in trying to work and live
for the present if all you do is dwell in the past?
stepping out of consciousness
reality transforms into a trance and a stare
looking into the window with glittering essence
of that light's glare
staring right back
is anybody listening to what i'm saying?
nobody is around so nobody cares....
i begin to type after i write
now, i don't really know what my message is until
i'm finished from the beginning to the end
so you see, i don't write poetry my brothers and sisters
the reflection writes me
matter of fact
even in the long hours in the morning
front of my desk and trying to type where i'll be at
conversing about the love and talking about the pain
reflection is that process that allows one to see the daytime
in the stormy rain
to be sane utilizing chronological sanity
with reflection upon me, time has no meaning
but the meaning is turning blue
blue, like the lake you see by the shores
boom! the invasion of blue seeping out of darkness
and slapping you in the face
making you look into the sky and knowing you were given
this amazing grace
how sweet does that sound? once fool, but now wise
i know the shadows are still there, but no longer consumes me
inhale and exhale, take a deep breath before i tell that tale
depression kills the soul so the reflection must thrust
people hurt and end their lives thinking that in life they've failed
i'm not known to be righteous so don't proclaim that idea on me
you're no different from me so don't act like you're a casualty
be free, feel the need of love and take onto your reflection
so word of advice
in order to make it right
reflect on your own life, soul search and then decide
where do you want to go from here on out
peace, and love my fellow brothers and sisters

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