Wed, 09/17/2014 - 20:23 -- bmme91


It took time to realize what was true happiness

what did it mean to be complete or did I need a signicant other to make me happy

did i need somenone by side in order to have an identity

I looked in the mirror all these years and not once did I like the person I saw

My reflecton is not one i like, I saw unhappiness, naive, vulnerable and scared


Today I see a new a reflection one that is 22 years younger than me

One who smiles back and hugs me

One who has showed me that happiness is real, I have someone to be proud of.

She has her own identity and I have my own now as a mother.

I am happy because she motivates me to move forward,she makes me a better person

I am proud to say she is my daughter and I am proud to be that mother.

I cherish every moment with tears, laughter and joy that all make me happy.



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