Written by Adam M. Snow

I am alone this night of flutter;
confusion reigns, so I utter, 
"The air is that of a clouded dream;
so dark like that of an ordeal gleam."

I wonder where this fancy bestowed me; 
in a room, damp it be.
My vision is blurred by this smoky scene. 
I see only a table, draped of shallow green. 

I pondered there for a moment, a moment it was;
but apparently a moment too long, came abuzz.
It echoes louder, louder atop of that table cloth;
calling to me my once forgotten troth.
So heedfully I approach the table with ease, 
Seeing afar it covered in bluish frieze. 
My vision once blurred, now felt clearer; 
that vanity table shown an olden mirror. 

Now from the vanity table, a mirror I now held 
I glanced upon myself, now greatly compelled. 
A face has shown, was I yet not I, 
it cursed myself to die. 

The image that was shown had shadowed a vision: 
Ye or I inter sweet derision, 
o'er thy pass of insanity wake 
as much of pain as I could take. 

The mirror’s shown cracked; I feel it no more. 
My heart beats cold, my days be hoar. 
I'd fallen apart to lose my way; 
“Am I now one in a blackened day?”

I watched my life now turned to mist;
The writer is I, who cannot exist. 
I shown cracked in my own reflection 
these wounds are the signs of my affliction. 

I am one in this reflection shown two; 
seeking to make my life anew. 
I asked my reflection to be shown; 
my truth, my past is left unknown. 

I ask of thee, "Let it be done." 
The writer is I, the lonely one 
My reflection, it strains drops of blood; 
engulfs it now in life's lowly flood. 

My eyes are stained as I lay cold, 
I am weak-bound growing old. 
My voice is muted as my heart now breaks; 
my body's bounded, my soul still aches. 

Misery whelms my ever being, 
leaving I without a sight for seeing. 
Burned into my mind, a vision of pain 
as the mirror, cursed me insane. 

To be upon a mirror image, 
upon a worldly scrimmage. 
My reflection does not show 
this truth I do not dare to know. 

The mirror’s cracked; I feel it no more.
My heart beats cold, leaving me sore. 
I've fallen apart and lost my way; 
“Am I but one in a blackened day?”

I long for amity among benevolence,
a sought after among your prevalence. 
I am now we and we look back; 
my ember morn has now grown so black. 

The mirror is shattered, my image is not; 
my demons has shown its devilish plot. 
I've been raised yet to have fallen- 
My life, my heart song is stolen. 

My reflection in vision pains,
I am bound by my worldly chains. 
I am force to face myself in this state, 
the mirror shows, it-is-my-fate. 

My image is broken yet is whole, 
I seek only for my life's role. 
I'm reaching through out the dark, 
my only light a petite spark. 

Nevermore will my reflection show; 
I'm lost with no place left to go. 
The mirror's lust has failed; 
is this not where I dwelled? 

My tears are falling upon my reflection 
this holds for me no resurrection. 
This cracked mirror now shows only one; 
the life in this mirror is nearly done. 

My reflection, it is not new; 
like the mirror it's turning blue. 
I, myself gone insane, 
I shall not lack in vain. 

I am not myself, let I be smite; 
this is the shine of evil's light. 
I only love yet I still hate, 
I know now it is my fate. 

I feared myself, of who I am, 
curse me now let thee be damned. 
Bow ye not of I with shame,
only I am whom to blame. 

I cannot live like the past, 
nor the future of all in vast.


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