There's alot to be said about yourself recently. You don't know who you've become over these past few months. And when you look at yourself in the mirror the person starring back is a mockery. That person looks calm and cool and collected. Ah but you know the image is a lie. You know that in truth You ARE Broken, You are Fragile and You Are confused. You seem to make the stupidest mistakes and no matter how hard you try to do the right thing You can't stop yourself from draining the innocence from your once pure soul. Would your mother look at you in disgust after seeing something so weak. You are not the independent woman she raised you to be. oh No, you ARE BROKEN and Lonely and YOU ARE DEPENDENT. 


You need to feel wanted and needed and loved So you thrive from attention in all the wrong ways. The Girl in the Mirror She knows the truth. She knows that there used to be hope that you used to be smart, you USED to be OH SO VERY INNOCENT. But in a flurry you slipped dropped and fell into the choking hands of a liar. A Boy who was so good at the game you never saw his true face behind the mascarade. A boy who no matter what words flew from his mouthpiece would never be a man, No matter how much ink shot from his pen he would never write the words. So in a frenzy you gave in, killing your childlike wonder only to raise his. 


That Girl in the mirror she knows what future you could have had, She knows you cant change but she smiles anyway. That reflection reflecting more than an image but a revolution, Of thousands of girls just like you. A reflection of what life is like when we slip tumble fall into the strangling arms of a boy who never tasted the wine of being a man.


Looking into the mirror is like lying to yourself and pretending that your fine when your not. When your fighting to breathe when your scratching away at your insides brushing your teeth because him saying the words "I Love You' leaves a bad taste in your mouth. At the end of the day pretending doesn't change anything. Pretending doesn't make the struggle go away. Pretending only means you let it happen. But the girl in the mirror knows.


She knows your stronger then that one act, that you dont lift weights but mountains. Inncocence is yours to bare. Your shine is brighter than a blazing fire on the 4th of july. Call it fireworks that pass behind your eyelids only to hide the darkness if you open them. Stop then and realize that a boy is never the answer. Why drown in a puddle when there are oceans waiting. Don't look for a reason to be hurt because even a man, Was once a boy. That Girl In the Mirror. That reflection. She knows this. She smiles because she has teeth and a tongue she refuses to let him abuse. A mouthpiece of her own that if used could wage wars, could create earthquakes in a heartbeat, and as the beating of her heart fades away he finds himself struggling. Tied to the image of You he dies if you go. So smile. You are not as broken as he has made you believe. You are infact the rock that holds him. He is broken and lonely and dependent and you are Crawling climbing Standing ontop of the rubble he so violently let crash on you. You are independent and you are not a reflection but a vivid peice of reality.


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