Sun, 06/03/2018 - 00:01 -- qs2000

I've been broken and abused

Ripped apart and misused

But yet, somehow,

I still function.

I've found fields of sorrows

And hopeless tomorrows

Yet I still yearn to feel something


I fell deeply in love

With whom I thought was the one

Now I'm slowly realizing the mistake,

For giving my heart

And giving my all

Without asking for anything to take

I'd given my heart

I'd given my time

And I'd even given my money

I gave everything

I thought that I should

In hopes that she would still love me

But as time went on

The feelings ran out

But mine always remained present

And even when she

Would tell me she loved me

I knew that she never meant it


So I sit here today

Thousands of miles away

Thinking back to all the feelings I've felt

And how while I was caught

In trying to chase her

She was too consumed in chasing someone else

And I can't help but love her

But I can't help but hate her

The feelings just tear me apart

Part of me screams

Just get away from me

While the other one screams

Just take my heart.


I can't control

What happens next

And I can't control my fate

But I do know that in the future

I won't make the same mistakes

It isn't because the love has faded 

Because I will love her forever

It's just that I've reached

a point in my life

Where I feel that I deserve better.

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