mirror, mirror on the wall,

do you even see at all?


do you see my dried-up tears?

do you see my greatest fears?

do you see my dreams aspired?

do you see my traits admired?


do you know of my hopes yearned?

do you know of my skills learned?

do you know of my heart broken?

do you know my secrets unspoken?


do you see my feelings hurt?

do you see my eyes alert?

do you see my silent pleas?

do you see my expertise?


do you know of my nightmares?

do you know i no longer care?

do you know that i am jaded?

do you know of my existence faded?


do you hear my desperate cries?

do you see things through my eyes?

do you feel pain as i do?

or do you not know anything true?...


dearest mirror on the wall,

you see nothing.... nothing at all


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