“My, has your beauty disintegrated!

Where is your heart? Is it broken?

Did the devil’s words abduct your love?

Questionative, you may ask, not at all

But why must you seem so unassured?

How come your smile doesn’t shine?

Your hands do not paint the world like before,

Have you run out of supplies? Why?”


“Will you ever stop? Why am I your target?

Is my worth not worthy? Is my love not loving?

Healing only hurts, hurting only heals.”


“Is that true? Why haven’t you improved?

Your numbers and scales do not improve,

Living isn’t for everyone, that is why we all leave.

Don’t be afraid to suffer, you are only stronger.”


“You fool! You can't convince me?”


“Oh? Yet, I have consumed you.”


“How so? I am still healthy, I am still breathing.”


“You’re corroded, you've been abandoned!”


“I've only been misguided!”


“Then why are you still looking at me?

I have changed, we have changed.

We’re not who we used to be, not one bit.

Destruction is in our words and kisses.

Hatred pours out our locked mouth.

Colors have dripped out your eyes.

You’re always too much, yet you're never enough.

I hate your confidence, but I despise your despair.

To you, you’re still learning still improving,

but to me, you’re a monster!”


“I am better now, you're the one who is corrupt!

I’m alive! I’m human! I’m normal! I’ll be fine!

You are nothing to me! You are dead!”


“Say what you want, you are only lying.

By the way, you’re not any of the above.

Talking to a mirror sure isn’t enough.”

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