I look into the mirror
Confused and blue.
Where is the girl that I once knew?
She is hiding
Underneath my skin
What I wouldn't give
To see her again.
She is bubbly
And smart.
Where is she now
How did she depart?
I want her back
But I don't know how.
All I see is darkness
And fear in the now.
Who am I to be
If I am not her?
Where am I to go
The emotions in me stir.
But suddenly
I look back to that mirror
She stares back at me
Pleading me to hear
"I've been here all along
Deep inside your heart.
Open up your eyes once more
Let your fear depart.
You have the power
To be
Who you once were,
If only you stop to see
Your reflection
In the mirror. "

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