Reflecting Shards


They say look in the mirror and then you'll see your worth.

Well my mirror has been dirty even since birth.

Scratches and a smuge, one right over my face. Society's image of me, in my mirrors place. 

They see a skinny girl with spots and three dots. She has weak bones but a personality that rocks.

Beautiful brown skin and an elongated stride are two of the five things I simply can't hide. 

It's the peep in my voice, the rhythm of my walk, and my big curly hair that leave society the one's in shock.

My dirty mirrior is now no more as the reflecting shards hit the floor.

They no longer see the smuge on my face, the scar on my arm, or the shame in my race.

Now they see a woman, standing strong and proud. 

Pearly white teeth, singing aloud.

"I am woman, hear me roar. I am no longer that girl, in the shards, on the floor." 

I now know my worth and now I am proud. 

From this day forth I shall sing it aloud.

I will no longer be silenced, shamed, and abused. 

Decendant of Nefertiti, I am a Queen that rules. 

You will not take my crown or belittle my worth

Because I bought a new mirror and it is free of dirt.





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