The Redemption of the Seven Sons


United States
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A long time ago,
where the seven rivers flow,
there lived a man and his seven sons,
where all the rivers split
from a single one.
The first son, Mammon
always wants more.
The second son, Amon
angrily attacks anything.
The third son, Lucius
dresses in fancy velvet, red clothes.
The fourth son, Cupid
wants others’ wives.
The fifth son, Leviathan
wants his brothers things.
The sixth son, Guttur
takes more than his share.
The seventh son, Herbert
never gets things done.
Unexpectedly one day,
a sickly, slim man came.
He told of the wonders,
of things down river.
Soon the seven sons sought,
what was waiting downstream.
They all dispatched down one river each.
At their last meal together,
an apple they did eat.
A long time later,
their father was sad.
He had gotten a wife,
and made a new life.
The new sons name was Aden.
With a command from his father,
he searched for his brothers.
He brought them back into the light.
When they all were together, he set forth a feast,
with their father attending,
Aden served them wine and bread.
The father was happy because they were all together again.


Lord Neo

This is my entry for the scholarship

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