Redefining Beauty

Mon, 03/24/2014 - 03:56 -- JS

Strut, Click, Pose, Smile.

She’s dreamed of having a model lifestyle.

Not fitting the profile of being skinny and tall,

She’s not what some designers are looking for at all.


Rejection, rejection

Over and over again…

With confidence she realizes her true beauty

Is under her skin.


Just because she is not a size zero,

They say she is not model material.

Does her size really matter?

Do they realize that her dream could be shattered?

They look at her with judgmental eyes.

They don’t realize she has the potential to rise.


Change is what this world needs.

Images in magazines sometimes mislead,

Causing our youths’ minds to be out of order,

Sometimes resulting in eating disorders.


If it were left up to me,

The models in magazines would represent our world’s diversity.

Models would range from all sizes and shapes,

Throwing away all measuring tapes.


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