Time gave me a leash

And so I ran

Hills, Mountains, clouds looming violet violence o’re tempestuous seas

Nothing outran these legs. Mostly because, I didn't run:
Swaying back in wafts of wild grown grass

My ankles became gelatinous as silent bells rang

Louder than I had ever felt a bass thump before
This heart that once swallowed dragons whole
Dimmed lightning down to a purr of feline paws

Landing sloppily, arching the slopes of it’s back
And backing away, eyes as big as pale green oak leaves
Life’s hurricane shook my puzzle-bones apart
Never to be put back together in past congruencies
Born of a tempest, I hailed my dreams far ahead

Sailing through ink-pressed fumes
Words extend my past, present, future

Reaching out
To lost ones like me
Choosing an adventure like no other before
They are lost to find themselves
Redefined again


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