Red Words

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 13:58 -- dejonav

It was foretold that He would be 

The one who man kind would need.

The one who crushed the head

Of the the serpent of deceit.


He would be despised and not esteemed.

A man of sorrow and acquainted with grief.

Yet would never once open His mouth

And would be slaughtered like a sheep.


His words are tender and filled with love.

His message is from the one above.

His Father said He was well pleased,

Then His spirit came like a dove.


The blind could see, the deaf could hear again.

The Legion of pigs drowned in Gardenes.

He said let the children come to Him

And do not tell them they are forbidden


Soon, He was beaten, broken, and denied.

The cock crowed, and His Rock cried.

Thirty-nine lashes exposed His bone,

Yet Rome found not even one lie.


The people spoke, and chose death

Instead of the innocent man painted red.

He climbed skull mountain with only one to help

Carry the board to make His death bed


The hammer hit. One, two, three.

Large spikes in His wrists and feet.

They spit and laughed at His broken state

And mockingly, they called Him King.


Two thieves to the left and right

Mockingly told to save His life.

But the one who repented asked to be remembered.

The man said "You will be with me in paradise."


Soon He was drained. There was nothing left.

Except the water that flowed from the side of His chest.

"Truly He was the Son of God"

Were the words spoken by the leader of a hundred men.


The tomb was sealed. Romans watched all night

'Till the third day when a bright light

Came forth from the tomb.

It was Jesus! He is alive!


Now today, two millennia from that day.

Here I am. trying to trust and obey

The words that were spoken by Him

And with His blood, they were stained.


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