Red, White, and Blue

They said this was the land of the free and the home of the brave, but in our minds we are still enslaved WE are too quick to become apart of the stereotypical type of people, instead of trying to be original people are flocking to that koolaid fad, calling Jim Jones you dad. How sad.

Seeing that Red, White, and Blue flapping in the wind. Again suppose to symbolize freedom, that isn't what I see.

The Red blood shed spread across the globe. Taking away the live of the sons and daughters, the mother's and fathers. Violence cutting lives short. Ignorance stopping dreams cold. Hatred breaking the mold. Existences over, even before they began. Blood shot eyes from all the crying, questions being fired and no one is answering.

The Blue lights flashing, bullhorn blaring, freeze and get on your knees. No time for an explaination, just another case of mistaken identification. In the wrong place at the wrong time where being black was his own crime. Being placed in a 8X10 stonewalled hell. Screaming and shouting "It wasn't me!", but no one listens to your plea. So you look to the heavens and ask GOD "Please set me free."

The White of the bright lights blinding you as your rushed through white double doors looking at people with white covered masks desperately gasping for air and no matter how much you try, it seems like nothing is there. White stars forming before your eyes, tears runnings as you pray and say your goodbyes. Now your dressed in your white linen suit and laid out in your blue permenant bed, covered in the red roses from the foot to the head.

I glance you for the last time. I'm red with anger because you're leaving me here. Blue with sadness because I won't be able to see or call you everyday, just to say "Hey. I was thinking about you." And when I flashback to all the good time we shared. Even though we argued, you were still there. A peaceful white seems to appear.

They said this was the land of the free and the home of the brave. I still wonder if that's true. I wonder, if anyone else see's this how I see the Red, White, and Blue.

Copyright 2012 © Lady R

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