Red Roses


You never realize it but


Is everywhere

All pink and rosy

In my hair, under my nails, beneath my feet

The feeling is so thick and rich in the air

I reach out and touch her

Take her hand

When it's too tough to go on

When I don't know what to say


Is there to gently guide me back

To a safe mental space

When I can't find a single place

For my scattered brain to rest

Red roses and blue violets don't do her justice

The way she coats everything

Leaves behind a beautiful sunset glow 

Most of us think 


Is simple, person to person

That is wrong


smells like a brand new book

Fresh pages

Fresh binding

Waiting for me when I am lost


Wears flowers in her hair

Beautiful and colorful and real

It makes me grin from ear to ear 

Their scent calms a racing mind 


Basks under bright lights

Traipses across the floor and allows her presence to be known

She tells me to let my presence be known

So I do

She lets my name dance across her lips

Musical, beautiful, true


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