Red, _____, and Blue

Dear America,


a young beauty of its time

the first to give up blood, the first willing to die

the pools of Red cells soaking into the ground

and somehow, we got there, to the heights of the Blue sky.


freedom was our hope

freedom was ours at last

we created a country filled with love

we created a country that was meant to last.


but now- will it last?

that is a good question

not many, if any, know the answer to

despite all the good people, there are so many bad ones too.


we stood side by side, battle after battle

our arms linked like chains

as we stood to watch the multicolor sunrise

against a sky spotted with White, puffy clouds.


but soon those clouds turned grey and heavy,

the sky turned dark and cold

Red fires scorched the Earth

no matter how fast or far you ran, it wouldn’t help at all.


So now there lives a different world

one of Red and Blue

but not the kind there used to be

not the kind with a Purple lining.


The White clouds no longer float

they cannot be found at all

the purity of the land

it cannot be found at all.


Oh America


Please hear my prayer

Listen to my questions:

what happened to the country that was once willing to fight?

what happened to the people who were once friends?


now we are all foes-

it is like Black and White

you cannot be anything but Red or Blue

and you have to be willing to fight.


Oh America


once a land of those who knew

what they wanted, what they were looking for

it couldn’t possibly still be you

not with all this arguing, without ears to hear it all.


there once was a flag with Red, White, and Blue

but now it has discolored

now all anyone sees is

who is Red? who is Blue?


Now that is all that matters.


with love,

an American

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My country
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