Red Is


Red is when your true love gives you a bundle of glistening roses,

When your heart thumps uncontrolably,

Until you can't breath,

Can't think,

Until you know he is yours forever.


Red is a giant sign of blinking lights ahead of you,

While all you can think,

'Is it safe?'

'Is anyone hurt?'

'Is there a danger I should look out for?'


Red is a women in a cherry red dress stalking down the street,

While no one can help but stop and stare at how beautiful she is,

With her matching heels,

Clicking on the cement,

Echoing all around.


Red is the tears you feel slithering down your face,

When you wipe them away all you see is blood,

Its like a sign saying death is coming,

You can't escape it,

Can't get help,

You just wait for it to be your turn.


Red isn't just a color it is a story,

A story that changes,

A story to tell for many years.



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