It started off one big happy family

Two brothers and then me

A great big house, big front yard with an oak tree

But of course what happens when you start to worry about money?


Dad loses his job the kids grow up

experiment with alcohol and weed

one goes on a stealing spree

ends up with charges in multiple counties


Lets take it back to why this all started

no juvie, just probation for a while

can't smoke weed so he turns to the hard stuff

heroine straight to the arm, skid marks

stole his sisters iPod


the other one continues to sip from the bottle

car accident full throttle

brain damage, prescribed that vile

Xanax, Percocet’s, Vicodin

pretty soon snorting heroin

little sister bailing him out of jail

$130 here, $220 there

parents struggle to put her through school

all the while balancing  two troubled sons with no cares


but what if the world was changed?

instead of prohibition, its execution

no drugs on the streets

we end this toxic pollution that is thrust into the veins of our children

this is real life!

people have these problems and they're too doped up to solve them

so lets eliminate the variable because we're independent

and we can control the actions


an earth without drugs

an earth without manmade venom

parents won't sit up at night worrying is my child gonna make it?

little sisters won't grow up thinking is that really my brother?

If we can just exterminate these drugs we won't have addicts

the world wouldn't be fixed but it would damn sure be better

no matter where you come from drugs are a problem

it could be Malibu or parts or Harlem


So you’re asking me if I could change one thing what would it be?

Weed and cocaine and heroin and codeine and crack and Xanax and Percocet’s and Vicodin and oxytocin and amphetamines and meth and MDMA and PCP and LSD and all that Ecstasy

Well I’d get rid of these

drugs might get you high but that’s just temporary

because when you come down there's no landing safely

you have to deal with your life

there's no copilot to help you land gracefully 


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