The Reconquering


In a perfect world, your influential power would be eradicated

Clawing at our minds,we would seek out and dispose of each of your many lies

Then and only then would we finally be liberated

from the stupefying power of the Stereotype.


Our eyes,you have both blinded and tricked into believing that we have hypersight,

We are taking them back

No  longer will we kill our neighbors due

to the simple fact that they are black.


Our minds, let them go, your tight grip strangles them until nothing is left

No longer blinded, it is evident that we have been robbed

By not embracing our multicultural population

And only focusing on how “they” are taking all of the jobs


You have overstayed the welcome that you never received

Your desk will be occupied by a fellow named Equality

So you can now take your  permanent leave.



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