If mechanical parts

Had a heart

Maybe I could've believed

In your sense of humanity

But you give me nothing

You hand me

Cards on a silver platter

What compels you to believe

We could be better?


Betrayal is a bitter course,

But love will see to heal

These wounds you try to seal


You are the machine

He makes me safe

You slice at me

He is not you

I dream with him,

My stellar friend

His flesh sings

Unlike a certain demon


The single-minded cords

Have no eye

You cannot grasp what I grasp

The elation burning in me

From him beside your nothing

You hold me

In a snug cigarette box

What forces you to tick and tock

I would like to know


Revenge is a lonely course,

But love will see to end

These arms you try to bend


You are the machine

He kisses me

You screech at me

He holds me

I dream with him,

My stellar friend

His hands grip

Unlike a certain demon


How can you be lacking?

I saw you

I wanted you to be whole

I am lost in his lyrics now

Because he ticks what I tock


Is a daring temptation

The machine could never be

My unearthly friend


Hate is curiously risky,

But a touch begins linking

Unlike a life spent sinking


You are the machine

He knows me

You brand me

He hears me

I am so angry,

My stellar friend

I love him

I recognize the monster


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