Recognition will not be televised


United States
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Recognition will not be televised, recognition of those every day slaves, those modern slaves, those daily slaves forced to endure the lashing of daily racist slurs and remarks and not utter a sound to uproar against them,
the things that hurt them the most out of all the termoil is that it comes from people of color, people of their own distress, discriminating them in a way that is un describalbe
this is my reality, and it is not sugar-coated
My reality will not be televised for it is too gruesome for those of weak mind and stomach,
for it is too horrific for those who are weak-hearted
but for us cocoa skined victims just another reoccuring, current event , life incident that we have no control over, some can't even scream over lost ones for it happens so often,
then some wonder
what goes through their mind when they harm, hurt, kill, murder, slaughter, and lash out wicked things on a race of people who could not even recognize their captors, let alone harm them, then again, some questions can't be answered

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