Recognition is just a word. It is talked about but never heard. I listen in class and answer questions, doesn't really matter because of the oppression. My teachers are genuine and that is that, it is just hard to listen to a girl in the back. I have proposed ideas that don't get credit, my level of smartness is beyond just merit. I try so hard, I really do. The activities I complete, they don't have a clue. My résumé is long, much longer than theirs. I correct them half the time, and they look with despair. I don't try to correct them rudely; however, they inform us wrong and obtrude me. My claims are valid, this I know; yet, teachers don't listen they just put on a show. I never really complain, it is hard to make a point sustain. I am a senior in high school, and for the past four years my life has had imbalance in conquering academic fears. Although I have had some teachers help, it is not much to mention. They assist me for a while then tend to forget me. My high school career is almost done, thank goodness for that I'm off to the sun. I plan to shine brightly and show them all, they messed up but couldn't make me fall. My dreams are real and my goals are complex, I am off to UK to visit the Lex.  


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