Recall, Listen, Restore (R.L.R.)


Charlotte, North Carolina
3124 Reid Avenue
United States
35° 12' 21.9132" N, 80° 53' 53.466" W

I am alone

Learning what I can

And with the swiftness of a knight

Doing what is right

But I always wonder

Am I doing it right?

But it will be okay

My friends are here to stay

Be it problem big or small

They will be there if I call

They will lend me their might

And we will prevail, day or night

Teachers, mentors, and everything in-between

Pass down wisdom at my feet

But, not matter what they say

Does not mean I will be okay

Cause nothing is permanent in this place

Despair is there at every turn

Making a small mistake

A 4th degree burn

It's been a fun ride

Looking back, I have changed inside

From a boy who couldn't really handle a conversation

To someone who is heard in this always-squawking nation

From a boy who happened to be like everybody else

Until a book opened itself

Showing a new world in itself

A person, who, had nothing to miss

No great goal he wanted to finish

Now I do not want any part of me to diminsih

I try to find

my own sense of time

As I try to retain

My peace of mind.


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