Rebound Through Imagination and Hustle

Tue, 10/11/2016 - 10:59 -- Ddofi98


Devon & Whipple Resting Place of Kaysar
United States
41° 59' 50.8056" N, 87° 42' 20.5488" W

Old priviliged friend introduced to medicinal,

He loses touch then on his hip are mini missiles,

He said school was boring so he found a new way to have fun,

Rollin with new guys that all have guns,

They dont spot an enemy and havoc here it comes,

One second he's eating the next he's covered in blood.


I want to ensure bright students remain interested in education,

show that through hard work and a lot of motivation,

you can keep the children in the world running in their imagination.


Turn over and get out of bed Donovan what are you waiting for,

Theres another genius in the world at the corner store.

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