Reasons Why You Should Date Me

I love action movies and I hate chick flicks.

I'll take a beer over a cocktail any day.

I hate pop music but I like everything else.

I'll love you no matter what my friends say.

I'll let you drive, even though I'm better behind the wheel.

I'll absolutely never pick a fight.

I'll even let you grow your beard out.

I'm not afraid to admit it when you're right.

You don't have to kiss me in pulic.

I'll pay for myself when we go on dates.

When you're sad, I'll always make you laugh.

We'll do all the things your ex-girlfriend hates.

I'll go to every one of your games.

We'll spend hours listening to Led Zeppelin and The Doors.

I'll play video games with you.

I'll even cave in and watch Star Wars.

I know I'm not that pretty,

And this poem is pretty sappy.

But if you give me one chance

I promise I'll make you happy.




very real, very relatable. i love it

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