Reasons (for C.O.)

Mon, 06/26/2017 - 08:12 -- ONYM

Love is her hidden super-power,
Trumping all other powers within her reach.
Her source of love is locked away in a tower,
she's powerless until this tower can be breached.

A particular sadness lurks within her eyes.
Inner madness blinds her with partial sight.
She adjusts her glasses to see through the lies,
Decay & ashes, reality cast in ever diming light.

But she’s blissfully unaware,
Of the universes plans so discrete.
Of the crosses she now bears,
They're secrets for now I must keep.

Surrounded by lying shadows,
That hinder our perfect nights,
With today blending with tomorrow,
Time becomes trivial - day bleeds into night.

I wait with pained frustration,
As addiction slowly ends her life.
A game that hides loves wonder,
And keeps her separated & her power out of sight.

Mirages in my mirror
Illusions in her eyes,
But inside her battled body
Is a love that never dies;

Nobody can tell me
If she is right or wrong,
None that judge her discover
The meaning in her song.

Every day she must start anew,
So desperately she needs freed.
Salvation's overdue,
Yet she nemisis yet still breathes.

Catching glimpse of her true power within
She is but courage away from realization
Within her love waits to ascend
Her authentic power begins her transformation.

The chisel is in her hands
She opens up one final vein,
And paints the last scar upon my heart,
Starting a new life without blood and free of pain.

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