Everything happens for a reason.

Every single painful thing we've ever gone through

happens for a reason.

All those sleepless nights,

all those days of hiding behind masks,

all those afternoons writing those suicide notes.


It all happened for a reason. 


What reason was that?

What did they do to deserve this?

What kind of universe lets people feel this pain?

What "higher power" allows these kinds of things to happen?


When you find out the one that "loved" you cheats on you.

When you smell the smoke of your house burning to the ground.

When you feel the blood slip between your fingers as you try to keep someone alive.


When does it end?


What's the point?


You could take action into your hands.

You could take those few pills to poison you.

You could use the knife, the gun, the rope.

You can do whatever you want.


But what would be the point?


You still have to take action. 

Rebuild what you can

and let all the other ashes scatter in the wind. 

Hold your head as you walk by the liers and let them see the real you.

Take the mask

and shatter it into a million pieces. 


This pain that is constantly peeking over our shoulder,

this anxiety that loves to hold onto our legs,

these demons that whisper in our ears, 

they all mean nothing.


Everything happens for a reason.


So whats your reason?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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