A Reason To Live

Sat, 09/10/2016 - 12:22 -- Naomi17

As I awake from my dreams and into my reality.

My body no longer desires the rest it craved.

It needs to take action, and go above its normality.

Otherwise, I would be nothing but a grave.


But not today.

Wanting to conquer my objectives

Seeking for better ways

Making any experience into

a meaningful life lesson.

This drive in me is not a phase.

It's tattooed in my heart, elated with passion.

Thinking about if I am able to see another day

And knowing that God has given me one.

Not only electrifies my need to work towards my future,

But brightens up the paths like no other. 

These words that will come to life, 

ignites the everlasting fire in me.

For life is continuous for such time

it'd be sad to see all that has been wasted.

Like a child without its mother, so is life

without purpose.

That is why everyday, every being in my mind,

body, and soul should be joyous and automated

To create that determination in me, no altercation shall 

take over me. Got walls that stick together

and last longer than Gorilla Glue.

Being inspired by other inspirations, infinitely and insightfully.

Including the love, that ties everything together.

Only feeds my spunk with  more willpower

and enhance my understanding, more than

any professor can lecture.

Instead of living for no reason, have a reason to live.

I shall be graceful in all that I do, and originate my identity,

so that the world could know me and how I lived in prosperity.


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