The Reason I Write

The words I write

I write of my creator

I write of my blessings

I write of my failures

I write of my life.


What it all comes down to

Is as simple as drawing a line

I write because it’s healthy.

I write about my fears

I write about my worries.


I make it into a prayer-

Similar to David

In times of sadness or frustration

Or times of praise or thanksgiving


I sit down and pray

Pray for the events of each day

I sit and write so He has my full attention

When I choose to not write

That’s when I get distracted


My mind starts to worry

Rather than inscribing the words

Rather than focusing my mind on God.


I write about my blessings

My loved ones and pets

The steps I take

The people I meet

The breath I breathe


I write about my worries

Of this everyday life

Where time is taken for granted

And feelings are damaged


I write to my God

Whether in my head or on paper

I write because I know

I know that I’m not strong enough

To go through life alone.

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