One day you have friends and a loved one standing by your side.

But the next your standing with no one taking on life alone.

Dealing with the internal struggles no one else can see.

Hearing the tiny voices say give up, growing louder and louder every day.

Ignoring the voice inside and going on with my day.

Switching from the life of a child to an adult, realizing the struggles of the real world.

Taking loans out just to continue on with school, wondering if everything is going to work out.

Gaining new friends but realizing the people I now called friends were really using me.

The switch from having my teacher keep me on track to keeping my self on track.

Going from sleeping 8 hours every night to hopefully sleeping more than 3 hours.

Loving one person with all your heart just to see her leave and be with someone else after a few days.

Not being able to love or care for anyone and living in an empty shell for most of the year.

Falling for someone that has been there for me in the darkest time, knowing shes the one but never getting the courage to tell her.

2016 has been a roller coaster of events that brought lessons

This poem is about: 



Very few people will ever stay by your side and even fewer see the struggles you deal with. The past year has been full of friends leaving and the struggles becoming hard to deal with but with less people in my life the less you deal with and it brings you closer to finding peace.

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