The Real Zombie Apocalypse

As I continue scanning outside, each day, there is nothing; not a single child nor a man

Everyone vanish like a zombie apocalypse has happened

The world is full of full darkness

Because everything now, that was here, had vanish

Like a zombie apocalypse had occurred and everyone had died of suffering

But it's not that, it's something different

Not a zombie apocalypse, just a zombie that is controlling their mind

As they are being controlled, their brain power is being declined


Brainwash that's the word, they all are being brainwashed

Until they are easily vulnerable enough to be squash

They can't control themselves but put no effort into stopping it

That’s what I don’t get

But as other tries to help, those who are brainwashed says, ‘it’s OK they enjoy being brainwash’.

But I doubt it as I see them being used as a toy and being tossed

Doing this makes them look weak, powerless, and cowardly

But they are not, their strength are strong and is powerfully


Every day, as I continue to look outside, I see nothing

Same darkness like from the beginning

I ask myself 'why are they doing this, why aren't you guys breaking the spell and coming out

Are you going wait and do it when a newly flower sprout?’

I bet no, they will continue on playing their video game until they realize

That they will have to step up and notice that they are not dead but alive

And destroy whatever that is controlling them

Until then the real game will never end


The world will be better for them if they come out and even better destroy the zombie that is controlling them. That's my dream, my desire, my ambition,

and my expectation for everybody in the world.


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My community
Our world
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