The Real You

Too many times in today's society do I hear judgment being passed around like a baseball. Being thrown back and forth between souls who know nothing about one another.

Too many times do I see others put themselves down because of something someone else doesnt approve of or isnt fond of.

Too many times do I think of ways I can change myself, day in and day out, to get others to grow fond of me.

Too many times do we force ourselves to be someone that we are not, inside and out, and lose our true selves little by little each time we do this.

One thing I can not live without, especially in today's society, is the real me.  I know who I am, and I know why I am here in this beautiful life. I refuse to pretend to be someone that I am not, and refuse to cater to individuals who do not accept me for who I am. My happiness is up to me, just like ever single individuals happiness is up to them. But the one thing I do strongly believe is that an individuals happiness starts with acceptance of yourself, and self fondness of the real you. Until people see to love themeselves for who they are, I believe happiness will never be found. The coolest me and best me is me, and no one else can tell me otherwise because I know I ablsoutely cannot live without the real me. 


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This poem is not meant to be passed as judgment on others, but to attempt to assist others in finding self happiness and to help others understand one another. 

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