Real, True, and this World's Glue

The world is a special place.

It has a special place inside of me,

a special place inside of you,

a special place inside of animals

and a special place inside of plants too.


How we and they and all observey

convey to breathe and use all that can be used.

True this is, this is true

for all of you and me and infinity.


How do we, you and me use what is true

if true is who few are?

What and who is true to me and you

in this world that sticks like glue?


Real is true but what is true if it is real?

The real reality realized

is truely false

if the pieces are shattered

and the glue melts like the rhyme running out.


Truth is care,

so care about the pieces and the truth.


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Our world
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