Real OC


Ovaries are key in a woman's health

What happens when they cause a problem

           Treatments can be dealt

But people will never be the same

           Cancer is the name

Breaking families apart is its game

           Once you hit stage 4

People and opportunities begin to shut the door

           Ovarian cancer is decently rare

Affecting only 20000 new every year

           Every single life will be changed forever

Husbands sent into a dismal spin

          Destroying their once proud and happy lives

Sending them deep into sin

Depressants such as alcohol and drugs

Siphoning out their bank accounts

For only the smallest amounts

Hurting what they care about most

Just to grab one more dose

Daughters and sons crying out to the only One

Who doesn't always answer the way we would want

Jeremiah 29 helps us stay aligned

Depression and sorrow

Staying for days and tomorrow

Shifting focus from a marriage

To something that shouldn't require that care

Children who claim happiness

Wear a mask that hides their emotions

While inside they are nothing but broken

Crying themselves to sleep

Instead of just counting the sheep

Friends who cant control themselves

Trying to do everything they can just to help

Hoping that a gift or a visit will make a difference

Ultimately it is going to be the only comfort they will see

Trying and trying to just make their plea

God always answers our prayers

Just not on our time or our desires

Hope of a pain free escape

Crushed by a brutal reality of being slowly debilitated

Now as for the woman receiving the news

Of course she is going to have the blues

What she does past that point will be up to her

Fighting for her loved ones

Only to realize she isn't strong enough to stand

Holding her head up high

Crowned with a wig filled with hair

Doing her best to stay strong

All along knowing that she doesn't have long

Making sure she lived life with no regrets

Loving the people that she met

Recording her voice one last time

So that family will never hear a dead silence

Rejoicing for the life she lived

Praising for the family she had

Trying to make sure they know she cares

She goes home on hospice

Giving that one last hug

Giving that one last kiss

Unfortunately knowing when she goes to sleep

She will wake up in a better place




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