the real her


Who is she?

That girl in my mirror?

Staring back at me with those tired eyes

And that big pimple on her cheek

Things that the filters on instagram could fix in a heart beat

The things that all the MAC makeup hides underneath

Simply trying to live up to the title of being "Flawless" 

Thinking that that's all these guys care about when to be honest, they could care less

The long hair, lashes, and fleeked up eyebrows are all just an act

Trying to live up to today's expectations of being a  "Bad Chick"

When really, underneath all this, i'm just as plain as it gets.

I don't have the long lashes

My hair only stop at my shoulders

without eyeliner and mascara, my eyes are lazy

my skin isn't as smooth as a baby's bottom

I'm a whole new girl when it comes to getting those "double taps"

But to be honest, all that stuff don't even matter

Because if you're not comfortable with yourself, nothing will get better

i love me without the extras

i may look weird but, it's 10 times better than the fake stuff i bet ya!

The raw and REAL look.... 

it's perfectly in my book!



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