Real Friends

I hate when people I used to know reaper Like they’re waiting for me to thank them for coming back The ever-present question hangsTaints the air “Aren’t you going to ask me where’ve I been?” I do not look for shadows in blinding lightMy vision has faded to cloudy imprints of color and I’ve found company in recorded figures and words on a screenBecause at least with them, there’s a replay so I can catch what they saidAnd there’s no lies in scripts but there is pretend.  Just like how you could pretend we know each other so well The mentality that a relationship stays the same with no contact Except the occasional like and comment I do not bend for the unwanted inside joke that died when we were 14we’ve drifted apart. I chopped off the hair I was trying to grow. I stayed home longer because I needed time toexplore. I’m still not done yet. And I can’t stand the turned down nose when you ask me what I’ve been up to.Like nothing’s changed. Sorry if my life didn’t stop when you went away.There’s nothing wrong with moving away. But I gave up on chasing people who only want friends that are in close range.

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My community


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