To a Real Adventurer

To my friend,

my cousin.

You represent someone who is exactly what I wanted in a father figure.

My real dad is afraid of everything, and has a hard time being supportive.

When my cousin offered to pay for me to visit, I took the opportunity not knowing what to expect

To my cousin, who never blinked at paying for a plane ride for me to visit him.

To my cousin, who has always been supportive and really wants what is best for me

To my cousin, who encouraged me to go past my fears, but always there in case I needed

a helping hand along the way.

That is real love, the love I see when he smiles from taking me on his small plane ride

across the Alaskan mountain range. Something he knows well, and something he wants to 

share knowing it creates happiness like the glaciers create waterfalls below them. 

He doesn't just provide for his family by teaching lessons, or helping provide, but he 

always pushes himself to be braver than he thought and to encourage his own children

to pursue what they love as well. Through him I see someone who isn't afraid to live,

but rather someone who does things worth living for. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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