Tue, 05/31/2016 - 01:57 -- Henson

To my suprise I still had my shoes on,

which is funny, usually my shoes are first to go

Then after that, the socks are next

I slowly pull off each sock, one by one.

When they slide off, it feels like I've lifted a barrier of suffocation from my toes.

Except this time the barrier was still there, along with my shoes.

They didn't come off because I went to bed early

Another suprise, I'm usually so bored that I stay up until I can't physically take it anymore

Maybe that was the wrong word, anymore..

Right now, I have friends, I think..

They seem nice and they seem to like to have fun with me. We came home late.

All night long I drank and drank until I couldnt feel the tips of my toes

We were at our mini beach, it was our escape 

The water came up higher than usual

but I didn't notice

It gave my tingly toes a splash

But when I woke up, my shoes were still on.

I stayed up all night wishing of happieness

Wishing of the temporary escape

and the mini beach.

But reality hit me, and so I counted my sheep

Until I woke up again with my shoes on.


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