The Real

If you don't understand You cant helpMy mind is so abstract to the point where it's hard for certains to understand the art behind this madnessAnd my heart strings are pulling so tight The Symphony is clotted ready to release a spellbound baroque piece till the strings of the harp break, insenseble musical bliss came from the cracks of negativity, eloping Magnitudes of 9 to fall in betweenMetropolis cinemagraphyMaria warned me with the Town of babel rhetoric through movementExpressing that vulgar motion is never the notion with prophetic philosophiesMy fatality in none to none,.I'm guarded with hazards of tremor already\Have you really experienced the vibration of my ground you purposely planted your feet onAnd deliberately decide to settle your seeds for me to breed like nativityEpic dystopia I'm subconsciously in tuned toSo no capitalism is excepted as I fluently express my agony of this/Devils advocate had to be uncle sam for a brief rendition of what it means to be hungry for what you've been missing and sacrificing saving face to save a raceOr sacrifice saving a chance for standing your groundEloquent emissions of sounds from the diaphragm, your soul is tired but it sings it's struggle for future generations with all it had leftBut what is the reason behind this?Tired, because my Patriotism on the land of kemets first child is rich with pride but is also Intergrate with a ransom to the stolen lands of secret in trade for bonds of affluenceUnlike Robin hood yall rob in hoods of merchandisewe birthed People of eminence and hidden artifacts we slowly discoverWith saying all that, I know who I am, I know my blackness their for I know meAncestors blood is what birthed meSo it's my stance to realize that epiphany ©

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world




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