Reading the Stars: A Cinderella Story

Sat, 08/26/2017 - 14:53 -- xokxt

(Prince's perspective)

that night, i went searching for you

running through a maze

midnight struck as well as my luck

as i browsed the stars in such a haze


leaving me breathless

your body echoed throughout the night

lips sealed with a kiss; heart ripped like a whirlwind

the connection of the stars made everything air tight


you promised not to leave

i searched for you endlessly

but your soul was too far gone

now im here, scattered, unstable; mentally


(Cinderella's perspective)

our hearts, they're connected

something that no one else would understand

that day when i slipped away

you reached, and grabbed my hand


you wouldn't let me slip away

and i'll forever love you for that

but you kindly slipped through my fingers

im sorry i couldn't return the favor back




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