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Fri, 03/06/2015 - 23:59 -- Puppos


Let's be straight here

I don't come from a broken home

I didn't grow up on 8 mile road

And I don't hail from Brooklyn

or Flatiron, or the Bronx


But I have a story too

So listen, to the plight of me,

No sepia tone, no rose-colored glasses

Here are my fears and my dreams


Naked ambition

I was born with this fear,

A strange beast in the back of my mind

When I was small it made me cry

A voice that reminded me everyone dies


Every night, creeping into my house and 

Telling me that nothing I do

Will ever leave a dent

What a lovely notion, huh?


But try I will

Because an inventor never gives up

A hacker never backs down

A maker never settles

An artist never retires

These are the lessons I taught myself de niño

And these things I will never forget


Take my hand

And we can step into the void

Because space is big



Mind-bogglingly big,

I read in a book once

And there's a lot of room

To make our dent


We can do it

Strap on your boots and take off the b&w filter

This is no time for nostalgia

It's time to fuck shit up

This poem is about: 
Our world



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