A Ray of Light

A ship was caught on the sea one night,
Caught in a massive storm.
It was as if it were fighting a big fight.
Almost no one could cease to mourn.

There, tossing and crashing,
On the waves the ship tried to stand.
It couldn’t, and as the storm was rising,
The ship could not see land.

“We’re doomed!” the crewmen cried.
“We will die in this weather!”
“No we won’t” the captain denied.
“We can still get through this dreadful weather.”

The crewmen shook their heads in disgust
And they just walked away.
We must get through! We must! We must!
The captain thought. There must be a way!

He lifted his eyes to the black sky
And wailed a silent cry for help.
ZING! Lightning! My oh my!
But he saw it. There was his help!

There was a ray of light
Half a mile away!
It was shining with all its might
Out on a tiny bay.

The waves crashed and curved,
But the lighthouse remained lit.
The ship struggled and swerved
In order to reach it.

A few minutes later, as they stood on sand,
The captain cried, “Thank God, we’ve reached land!”


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