The Raw Nerve

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 22:06 -- sstrass

Who am I?

It's a tough question, do I answer with my achievements, my dreams, or my friends?

Do you want to know my shining moments or the stories of my scars?

The pain from my first heartbreak, twisting my heart in my chest as I drove away from him knowing that it was already done; or yet the pain of being silenced from the unspoken of abuse?

While you see me as the heartbroken girl who loved her dad but slowly realized she didn't have the relationship with him she wanted? Or the mother's daughter who, regardless of the arguements, loved and cherished our relationship?

Do you want to see what I endure, the verbal abuse of customers and the use and misuse of myself by employers and the irritating little things of life (All without a word), or do you only wish to see the anger that bursts forth when I say enough is ENOUGH?

Do you want to see a girl who loves to sing, or just how well I can? What my goals are or just how I have to fight and claw  to achieve what I can?

I am complex and simple, the epitome of contradiction. I will wear the mask that you asign me. Because it is you, not me, that determines your perception of me. But no matter the mask you make me wear, I AM a whole being and you will never be able to know me.

For even those we love and know and trust with our hearts, it is only our heart, and not our whole soul they understand.

So please consider me that raw nerve, painful and yet pleasureable, existing in the simpliest and most complex ways, that is always there for the passage of the message to the body, the whole.


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