What is it like to be just you

Y outhful with hope filled eyes

O r do you hide yourself from the world

U nder many cover ups

It isn’t always about looking my best

But the most Raw version of me

Will always impress.

Even if it isn’t always pretty

The point is I put myself out there

The Raw me is simply legendary

The bravery it takes to show the flaws,

Because the authentic me doesn’t hide at all

So when you say to show myself with no filter

And I am scrambling for some words to explain

You are looking at me without one.

My words, your clue

That the very real me

I am lying down here

Raw just for you

My words are loud and they pierce

They will never hide, they are not small like nymphs

They have power, and substance, they never give up

Because Raw is fierce

Raw words scream yell and cry for me

When I don’t have the strength to do it

Raw is real.

Raw is not hiding.

Raw is terrifying. 

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