When you won’t see

When you can’t listen

When you don’t know

Don’t blame me


Why attack me for your flaws

It's not my fault

But yet to you it is

I try my hardest

You snip at my loyalty

I fall for you

You claw at my courage

I get up again

Forgetting a piece of myself every time


You were once warmth in a blizzard

But now you are the winter storm

I was always fearful

But I was wrong about what I should fear

The true monster is you

A wolf in sheep’s clothing


I am a reward in your hungry eyes

You kept me from the world I should be embracing

You took true bliss from me

You’re a lethal dose of injustice

An injustice done to me


Why blame me for your ignorance

It's not my fault

But yet to you it is

I try harder than before

You tear apart my faith

I fall so you don't have to

You claw my spirit down once again

I get up time after time

Forgetting a piece of myself

This difficult love has no end in sight


Soon I will have no pieces left to forget

Is that what you want

Is that your vile goal


I’d fall

I’d get up

You’d hurt me

I’d stay

No longer will I do so

You clawed at  my courage

I got more

You ripped apart my loyalty

I am leaving you

No more will  I live this sullen life


I will rejoin the world you kept from me

I am pieces of what I once was

You made me broken prey

Now I am a person once again

Battered but surviviing

Torn yet hole agin

Being society's outcast is better

Better than to be with you


I thought I needed you

But not any more

You kept me from living

You  kept me from feeling

I would show you

I would tell you

But still you were ignorant


I made a noose for myself

You pulled the ground from underneath my feet

What you didn’t know

What I never could see

Is that I am the huntress and you the wolf

I survived your noose

I lived through your lies

I will stay no more

Once I loved your hunger

I thought it was ambition

But no

Your hunger was for my submission

Now I know,

And I hope you starve

Because I am feeding you no more


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