The Raven

My skin is darkness, my eyes stars

My soul pure evil, when flying at night.

If I shall encounter you in my path

Weak, lonely, ready to die;

Your soul shall be mine


I am no animal, no bird, no raven, no light

I am your deepest fear, your saddest memory.

This night I shall come to your door, this night.

Thy sweet Lenore won´t be back no more for a while.


"How long does it takes for a soul to die?..

When shall I see her again?" The mortal asks.

Nevermore she´ll be back!

Nevermore said I!

It is useless to carry such eriee task.


In the darkness thou shall see me.

In the darkness I shall live.

I am no crow, I live in your heart full of fear

I am the end, but if you believe I shall die.

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