Rapid Succesion

An impossible parable

A pair of bowls with a missing spoon

The broken sun in the afternoon

Raindrops in a hot monsoon


A cleverly written farewell note

That dries up the waters in the moat.

Your’s was one of the names she wrote

But don’t look she’s all shook now



On the grass

A child’s smile

of crystal glass


Her shaking hands

A sense of doom

The visceral air

In the dining room


It’s broken down

And beaten out

Her words fall down with tremendous clout

What was it you were seeking out?

Memories locked inside of shout?


A very resourceful traveler

A man unbridled by the reigns of time

Who can speak from the soul

And can read your mind

And you won’t slight his quick sight now.



In the night.

The birth of dark

In the dying light


Harvest moon

Guide me home

I need to dream

I need to roam


This is what

Once was which

Where we were

When it hit


Take me down

To the dock

To swallow the tempest.


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