Rap Isn't Dead

Rap is Not Dead

the streets are now empty the clubs are shut down

not a sound until...

in the morning there will be sun a chance to have a lot of fun

old school to new school that how we rule

work hard to bring home the family jewel

break dancing was the thing of the past

today we got Acon & Fetty Wapp

those homeboy's do think a lot

but in the streets people are getting busy

smoking fat blunts & get pretty dizzy

we got to bounce to the ounce its the hour of power

don't sweat that Whoomp there it is girl just take a cold shower

we got lines being drawn in the sand when will we ever live to understand

it started with Grandmaster Flash with Mellie Mel & the Furious five

thank you Jesus that i'm still alive

got suckers that want to end me and bust up the economy

have we any dignity

gone are the days I used wake of in a haze

today were just a mouse stuck in its maze so be brave & act your age

Rap isn't dead i don't know what is going on in your head

you want a face full of lead

these are desperate times yet we settle for ill but faded rhymes

for a stated cause that's atrocious there's burning rubber in the road

sides are being drawn with heads in the street no meet and greet

so stand alive young G your going to make sweet history

for rap is where its at in my big mac attack

will take you to the limit one more time

Rap isn't dead as much is this rhyme

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My community


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