Ranger's Farewell

I noticed you leave as it rained yesterday
Wiping the last of your paw prints away
I joined with the sky as the heavy drops fell
Now my windshield is bare and my heart is as well
I got home from school and waited for you
To jump on my car and lay on the roof
And stare through the glass with those summer green eyes
I waited to know everything was all right

I unbuckled the seatbelt and took out the key
Expectantly looking where I knew you should be
Tripping me up as I walked to the door
Surprised that I longed to stumble once more
I walked up the steps and saw your bowl full of food
Isn't it strange how for more you'll never mew?
I miss the game of feet and timing we'd play
When you wanted inside but I shoed you away

The house was so quiet; I longed for the sound
Of a cap or some game piece scuttling around
Pursued down the hallway and captured at last
I'm greeted by silence; your playtime has passed
I noticed that Cooper missed you as well
There was a sad air about him; I could just tell
Laid out by the couch, eyes to the floor
He had no one to play with him anymore

I miss taking pictures whenever you'd yawn
My most photogenic is now all but gone
I'm staring at all I have left of you:
Pixels composed of red, green, and blue

Look at the stop signs at each end of the road
I put the fliers up there hoping you would come home
It's been seen by the joggers, the cars, and their crew
The humans have noticed; I'm waiting for you

Mom and dad told me that you "ran away"
I know better, Ranger. You'd much rather stay.
Forever in dark or watching from above,
I just wanted you to know that you'll always be loved.


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