One split second

That’s how long it took

For me to receive that phone call

For you to get hurt

And for me to be left feeling helpless

I kept replaying two thoughts in my head over and over again

“I couldn’t stop what happened. I can’t change what happened.”

No one has any intentions of doing this

No one ever imagines that this could happen

We are often foolish in thinking that our decisions don’t affect others

Trust me, when I say that they do

As I stood in the middle of New York City

With my phone in my hand

And not a care in the world

It was then that I realized that anything can change in a moment

As our mutual friend told me the news

I couldn’t believe it

I didn’t want to

How could this happen to you?

Why did this happen to you?

How could someone be stupid enough to participate in reckless driving?

Because of his dumb decision, it was my best friend who suffered the consequences

It was my best friend who was sent to the hospital for serious injuries that almost cost her life

Today, my good friend still suffers from ONE mistake that young man made

Think twice before doing something that could potentially risk losing your life or someone else’s



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